There seems to be quite a revived interest in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. No one can quite explain how a seemingly normal business day is suddenly consumed by this horrendous attack. Many officials are pointing fingers, while others are trying to find clues to figure out what really happened that day. The theories as to what really caused the disaster have been running rampant in the media.

Many news reports are citing experts who seem to have an insider knowledge of the attacks. Whether these experts are government insiders or not is anyone’s guess. Some say that the debris that fell to the ground contained enough steel to cause the buildings to come down. However, no one knows the exact weight of the debris or the weight that the buildings actually had before they hit the ground. For those of you who do not know what the significance of the World Trade Center Footage is, keep reading.

When this building collapse took place, it was videotaped and the ensuing images have been instrumental in providing the public with visual content about the disaster. In all the ensuing coverage, one thing that most people missed were the human fall victims that could not escape the way they fell. These tragic souls could be seen in still pictures taken by emergency workers after the World Trade Center collapsed.

A lot of the news footage captured on tape showed a series of people huddled together in a pile of bodies.

At first these people appeared as if they were merely alive, but then it was revealed that they were already dead. The images cut together also implied that many of the people on top of the pile were either dead or very seriously injured. It is not clear why the emergency services did not get these people out into the daylight as soon as possible. It has also been suggested that the trauma scenes shown on the videos may have been staged.

We are also aware that there were many emergencies personnel working at the World Trade Center that day. Many of the victims of the disaster were trapped under the ceiling of the building. Most of these victims were dragged through the ceiling by rescuers, yet there were human catastrophe footage that showed them hanging lifeless from the ceiling.

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