Best 5 trading app for beginners|online trading app for beginners

Trading would be more fun and secure with these ‘Best 5 trading app for beginners which are also known as money earning apps. Roll your eyes to some of the best 5 online trading apps for beginners.

Trading app name People’s rating on Google play store
1. MO Trader 4.6
2. Kite by Zerodha 4.2
3. Upstox App 4.4
4. HDFC securities Mobile trading 4.3
5 paisa App 4.2

Mo trader app

Motilal Oswal Trader App Mo trade app is a very genuine trade app and is an alternate for all traders who want to really take a good experience in trading. It offers its customers a great facility and has the functionality of bulk orders which makes you able to comply with multiple orders with one click on your screen. The Motilal Oswal Trader app is fully advanced technologically and considered one of the best trading apps to earn money in India. Enjoy this online trading app for beginners with
full support of 19+ market screeners.

Things that make it one of the best trading apps
• Advanced charting tools available for OHLC analysis.
• A trader can direct all the alerts of stock.
• Unites algorithm investment strategy
• Due to its single-view dashboard, you get to see the Net Positions and Live Orders
as well.
• Mo trade app has a fine interface
• Get notifications and don’t miss any details.

Kite by Zerodha

Over 50 lakh customers it stands top among many online trading apps or money trading apps. Zerodha offers its customers complete market information as well as fast analysis. The information which are provided here is fully updated and latest, through 100+ technical indicators.
If you are a trader, then you must go for this best trading app to earn money. Because this trading app has many wonderful features and functionality, that’s why it is liked by traders.

A trader can track his shares’ performance which will help him to keep his eyes on the current performance.

Things that make it one of the best trading apps
• Build with super-modern technologies.
• Facilitates its traders with different modes. The best alternative to money-earning apps.
• On this app, you will see Biometric 2FA which is responsible for fast logins to your account.
• Biggest discount broker in India.
• Multi-Market watch view can be Programed by the user.
• Best alternate of all Indian traders.

Upstox trading app

In the list of ‘Best 5 trading app for beginners, here comes our 3rd best online trading app for beginners in India. This platform is known best for investing in digital gold, mutual funds, NFO, etc. As money-earning apps are always the best way to invest money online, investors really like to choose this trading app among them. This online trade app has the backup of Tiger Global & Ratan Tata also. This is really a recommended trade app for you if you are a beginner. Things that make it one of the best trading apps

• Upstox offers a super-secure, fast, and easy-to-use platform and the best online trading app to earn money.
• Don’t have to hassle for fund due to its the facility. It allows you to use Smart Transfer, Netbanking, BHIM, or GPay for adding funds.
• 100% genuine account creation process.
• No chance of brokerage.
• Best online trading app for beginners in India.
• A trader is free to access the advanced charting settings and can get all the
information regarding trading decisions.

The HDFC securities mobile trading App

Simply accessible trading app for Indians. On this app, a user can trade in equity and derivatives. So keep tracking and trading with different watch lists here.

Things that make it one of the best trading apps
• A trader is free to invest multiple assets.
• For intraday, real-time charting is also available.
• Easily accessible online trading app for beginners
• What I Like about HDFC Securities Mobile Trading
• Fully secure & safe biometric login.

5 paisa trading app

Here comes our fifth best trading app which is popular among traders, best known for lowcost brokerage services. 5 paisa online trading app uses cutting-edge technology.

Things that make it one of the best trading apps
• Best for beginners
• Offers live updates
• Easy fund transfer
• Fast trading with one click sitting at your home.

Before you start any trading, you must consider all the strategies of trading, rules, concepts, analytical tools, and indicators as well. Well, these ‘Best 5 trading app for beginners’ are recommendable for beginners and obviously the best online trading apps for beginners in India. Thank you for reading our today’s article which was about the best trading app to earn money /money earning apps.

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